samedi 26 janvier 2008

"After being a performance Artist for seven years at the Clédalique Gallery in Cadaques Spain, a Dali foundation created by himself and Miette, I returned to painting and began experimenting acrylic on Plexiglas in 1997. The Clédalique was unique, I made performances for the gallery openings, I had a total liberty. I used to involve peoples on the street, Apiculturists, avant-garde Musicians, Toreros. From performances to Painting I learned to integrate the shadow as a part of the body, the re-composition of the form as an interface to human evolution trough the space-time continuum. The return of the fury as a non-subjective theatrality. A painting as a surface of balance between the inner and the outer, the archetype of inner reality."
"I’m trying to Re-up the conception of reality, limited by our fears facing the depth of Universe."

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