samedi 26 janvier 2008

"After being a performance Artist for seven years at the Clédalique Gallery in Cadaques Spain, a Dali foundation created by himself and Miette, I returned to painting and began experimenting acrylic on Plexiglas in 1997. The Clédalique was unique, I made performances for the gallery openings, I had a total liberty. I used to involve peoples on the street, Apiculturists, avant-garde Musicians, Toreros. From performances to Painting I learned to integrate the shadow as a part of the body, the re-composition of the form as an interface to human evolution trough the space-time continuum. The return of the fury as a non-subjective theatrality. A painting as a surface of balance between the inner and the outer, the archetype of inner reality."
"I’m trying to Re-up the conception of reality, limited by our fears facing the depth of Universe."


Galery Dorothee Paris for the Henry Miller Foundation celebration of the 60th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg howl 

St tropez

Cannes film festival Hotel Five Secret suite showroom

Hotel Sezz Ten Years anniversary

Joel Cohen Private showroom


Cannes Film Festival Sandra Zeitoun Private Party

Joel Cohen Private show room Paris


Cannes Film Festival Little Club of the Carlton

Joel Cohen Private Showroom Paris


Cannes film festival Villa Oxygene solo

BOA Gallery West Hollywwod Los angeles solo show April twenty six

Monte Carlo Art FAir Solo show

Etername Boudoir Paris fashion week solo March first


Cannes Film Festival Villa Oxygene Solo Show

Monaco Art Fair Solo Show

The NoAMA Museum (Permanent Collection)/North Adams, MA


Aid for Aids New York December 7th

Henry Miller Library Big Sur/California

Beat Museum San Francisco November 12th

Auctioned at Rock the Kasbah the Richard Branson
Party in L.A. November 11th

Fairmont Monte Carlo- June- August

Chicago Art Fair 2010-Betty Dare Gallery

PARIS Le Louvre -Art Fair June

Cannes Film Festival. Carlton Art Affair- Solo Show

Cannes Film Festival Villa Oxygene- Solo show.

Lille Art Fair 2010- Paintings and Performance.


Visionairs Gallery/Paris


The NoAMA Museum (Permanent Collection)/North Adams, MA

Hans Feyerabend Gallery/Miami, FL


Kolok Gallery/ North Adams, MA

Hans Feyerabend Gallery/Miami, FL


Sasha Tarrasoff Gallery /Paris


Galerie Cledalique/Cadaques

1996-"Comme le requin du sang amoureux"Performance – Galerie CLEDALIQUE CADAQUES-

1995-"L’aigle dans l’oeil" Performance /Galerie CLEDALIQUE

1994-"Zeus rend fou ceux qu’il veut perdre" - Galerie CLEDALIQUE

1993- “La Ruche au Papillon” series were created for the foundation.
Pieces consisted of sculpture in metal. The sculpture was the base of my original Concept "The Infinite Chrysalis Metamorphosis"The is an allegorie to human re-generation and continuum.

"Motor pope on chair »« la mèl es mas dolça que la sang »Performances presented to Montserrat Dali) - Galerie CLEDALIQUE

1992-"the bath of immortals » « Interzone Machine »,The temptation of soft Machine »(3 Performances presented to Montserrat Dali) / Galerie CLEDALIQUE CADAQUES-

1991- "Rose selavy vous dit merci," (presented to Teenie Duchamp) a series of art works were created in a memory of Marcel Duchamp.

1990 - « L’epoustage des 4 dispositions » « Histoires de dingo »Performances / Galerie CLEDALIQUE CADAQUES

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